Leadership redefined

Based on the title you probably guessed I will be talking about Donald Trump, the new president elect of the United States.. Just kidding!
I feel compelled to talk about leadership and redefine its meaning purely because of the wide range of leadership styles we witness everywhere in life, such as politics, business, universities, local communities and even local restaurants.
However I do think that there are five common denominators that distinguish a leader from the rest of the people. I will outline them on this article because essentially what I want to do is challenge your idea of leadership. I would like you to think what is your philosophy of leadership, when was that philosophy formed and whether is it up to date in 2016 in a world of information, social media and transparency.
A leader is not necessarily someone that has one million subscribers on youtube, it is not necessarily someone that leads a company or even leads a country. We all know those unfortunate examples a very obvious one is the current Prime Minister of Greece.
A leader is always someone that takes full responsibility for his life, he is never a victim of circumstances or other people’s decisions. For him it’s not about the struggle, his life doesn’t end there – it’s about endurance instead.
A leader knows very well that for a relationship to built and flourish there are two main ingredients: trust and integrity. That’s is true for all kinds of relationships, between a mom and a daughter, between colleagues and friends as well as between the government and the public. That’s the only way to build lasting relationships with allies, a leader knows very well.
People with low energy levels very rarely can inspire people forward. A leader has a tremendous amounts of energy that he accesses by serving a higher purpose, he has a sense of responsibility that comes from within. He always sets a new standard for himself therefore he doesn’t try to control people to perform better. People are inspired by the standards and values are embodied in him.
He is also got the ability to communicate a clear compelling picture of the future, resulting in people being pulled forward by the vision to give more of themselves, to take action and stand up. A true leader never creates followers, he creates more leaders!
To conclude with, a leader doesn’t have to have a position of power and influence, leader is also someone who leads a happy and prosperous family as well as someone that leads a life of joy and service to others.
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2 thoughts on “Leadership redefined

  1. amazing…very thoughtful and influential. Love it, ‘A true leader never creates followers, he creates more leaders!’. when i was child, i followed my parents command, they were my childhood leader because they help me, feed me and guide me, I was grateful and could do anything for my childhood leader. same way i got different leader in my different lifespan. my initial feelings of leadership philosophy is very simple; a leader must need to have both ‘ability’ and ‘ability to help others’ then other must follow. the help that follower consider from leader are economic gain, political gain, social gain, spiritual or motivational gain and so on


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