Valentine’s Day ❤️

Let me be straight with you here I’m not so interested in the whole Valentines commerce thing like dinners, flowers and chocolate cakes if the feelings are not true.
For me what ultimately matters is a loving lasting true relationship based on trust and authenticity. The pure kind of love that comes from within effortlessly, passionately and conquers everything – because when we talk about true love – everything else is secondary. The kind of love that fills every cell in your body with joy. The smooth loving touch, the spark in the eye, the helping hand, the ‘I would do whatever it takes to have you by my side’ type of love. We Greeks call it ‘agape’ (see the featured picture for definition).
I also believe that everyone can have the ‘agape’ relationship I’m describing above but not everyone will have it eventually. Due to the unpleasant experiences from the past – we build walls and very often we leave love outside of them. Other times we are not willing to find out what it takes  and execute it because we are too busy looking for validation and short term gratification. I see your nodding head here..

This is a lesson that took me too long to learn but now I know that I can never love another person truly if I don’t love myself deeply first. I won’t be able to see it, recognise it and own it – even if it happens. This is so bizarre, isn’t it? And just right there all the wisdom in the world will never be enough to understand & embrace ”yourself”. It is a process that everyone goes though on their own, successfully or half way though.


This following video just made my heart melt and I would like to share it with you. It is an elderly couple and the man sings to his dying wife a loving song with affectionate gestures and words. Please let me know your thoughts and comments below.

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