3 false beliefs of Greek culture today

There is nothing surprising about Greek culture and the fact that it is failing us every single day for the last 70 years now. Our philosophy has leaded us to the results that we experience today. Of course it is easy to blame the government for everything that we experience and if you like to stay there and sink into misfortune please don’t count on me, I won’t be part of that sad journey with you.
On the other side if you are fed up with the situation and you want to change something I’m here for you. We need to understand where the Greek culture and system has failed us and work first with ourselves to redefine a few core beliefs.
There are lots of false beliefs within the Greek culture but I will talk about the 3 most important that influence the rest based to my opinion. The first one is the belief about love. Our philosophy about love is determined mainly by how our parents treat us and how our parents treat each other. Parents of course are far from perfect and especially when the culture encourages to marry and make children before the age of 25, it’s very easy to make mistakes due to the fact that the parents haven’t spend enough time identifying their own values and beliefs first in order to incorporate the right ones to the next generation.
The main rule that’s very often forgotten about love is that – you can’t love another human being deeply if you don’t love yourself first! If you don’t love and embrace yourself first – all you need is validation and because you can’t find it from within, you spend time looking for it through another person – that’s validation not true love.
The second main wrong philosophy embedded within the Greek culture and system is the short term gratification, the celebration! This is very well communicated from songs and other traditional saying ‘οτι φάμε κι οτι πιούμε’ meaning whatever we eat and drink. This short term focus has a huge effect to the society as a whole and it is the opposite of what our Ancient Greek ancestors taught us about fame after death or ‘υστεροφημία’ which was one of the core values of Ancient Greeks. Ancient Greeks thought about ‘ysterofimia’ very highly and that’s reflected in everything they created that we have until now as a result. The reason the short term philosophy doesn’t serve us well is because it doesn’t cultivate a culture of service to the society with long term value but a short term gratification from frivolous and unimportant factors of life. As a result we look for ways to cheat and earn short term applause rather than a long term value added approach to society and humanity as a whole like the Ancient Greeks did.
The final fatal false doing at present is the philosophy we have about money. The results are evident of this false philosophy and no matter how hard we try to blame the government for this situation it hurts us more and more every day. The only way to break this vicious circle is to take ownership of our current financial situation and change our philosophy about money. Nowadays there is so much emotion around money; and that’s the beginning of all the pain. All those negative emotions about money bring more negative events around money and it never ends. I do understand it because I had to deal with it too, especially when money is the source of pain for the people you love, emotions come up and its only natural. Although if we want to gain control back in that area of our life we need to study and understand the philosophy about money that self made people with plenty of money have.
You won’t go to a fat person and ask advice about how to get fit, would you? In the same manner, you can’t learn much about how to manage your money and how to increase your income by people that suffer the same from lack of it. Therefore, search for intelligent advice and read about people that have plenty, learn about the power of compounding and build a long term focus on that one too. The short term focus when we is comes to money won’t get you far either.
Finally, just to summarise short and neatly everything. The 3 false philosophies that Greek culture needs to rethink are the following:
  1. Love yourself first before being able to offer your love to others
  2. Long term value added to society rather than short term gratification by cheating
  3. Ownership of your financial situation + studying the set of beliefs of people that have plenty
Hope that was valuable for you, please let me know how I can help you further on this personal development journey and share with your network – it would mean the world to me! 🙂
Love & embrace yourself,

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