Happy International Woman’s day!

We’ve come a long way since women tried to emulate man behaviours and qualities to be accepted in the workforce. We now know that being fully the feminine women we are – is more than enough and men should support us on that as they appreciate authenticity too!
Now I ll share a few examples from my life that show gender inequality and I would like other women to do the same with the aim to raise awareness and try to adjust those everyday life experiences.
I was told that because I’m a woman I’m more emotional and therefore not enough logical to practice philosophy.
I was also told that it’s great to have ambitions about life and aspirations to do well but not too high ambitions because men might be intimidated by me.
I have been interrupted in a business meeting by a man that kept talking over me and wouldn’t let me finish my sentence.
All that stay in the past, and I had to live through those experiences to become the woman I’m proud to be today.
I’d love to read your gender inequality examples and be sure that the gender gap is not a conversation between women to discuss it’s a conversation that men should participate passionately too!
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