3 Common Denominators of a Leader

The word leadership has been associated with people in positions of power and influence for so long. I would argue that in 2017 we need to redefine and rethink what leadership is and what does it mean to be a leader. I would argue that we need more leaders in every level of an organization, not only at the top.

I would argue that a someone who leads a happy and prosperous family is a leader and someone who leads a life of joy and service to others is a leader too.

Here is my take on the 3 common denominators of a leader:

He or she takes full responsibility for his or her own life. A leader is never a victim of circumstances, or other people’s decisions, behaviors etc. He is never a victim of the economy or the government. A leader knows that for my life to chance, I need to change and he doesn’t spend time and effort trying to control the environment around him.

He also doesn’t shy away from problems, his life doesn’t end there. His life is about endurance instead.

The second piece of a leader is that he sets a new standard and because he embodies that standard – people are inspired by him. They want to be part of his team, they want to work with him and are willing to give more of themselves into executing the vision. He creates the momentum, the energy that inspires people to be more and give more. Therefore, a leader doesn’t create more followers, he creates more leaders.

The last common denominator of a leader is about relationships. A leader knows that every relationship either grows or dies. There are two main ingredients that consist the foundation of every relationship. That is true for a relationship between a mother and daughter, a father and a son, between friends and between couples. It is also true for the relationship between the public and the government. Those two ingredients are – Trust & Integrity.

People very often ask me why is Greece still in crisis eight years later, whereas other countries have been through the crisis and recovered a lot quicker. The answer to this question is simple because the relationship between the government and public has not been restored and therefore there is no trust and integrity. Until the main ingredients are restored nothing can grow from there. But when the foundation is in place, meaning trust and integrity – anything can happen. In fact, that’s how people create miracles and inspire the world.

Just to summarize, the 3 common denominators of a leader are:

  1. Take full responsibility for your own life
  2.  Set a new standard, one that you’ll be inspired by & therefore other people will be inspired too
  3. Build relationships based on trust and integrity

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Love X Ferenike

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