Philosophy VS Academic Philosophy


The purpose of this video is to challenge your perception of what philosophy is and what it means. I want you to leave this video having a new understanding of the word and what it is.

For someone that is new to the term, philosophy at first seems an uninvited term, a little outdated and maybe boring. For some other people it might actually be something interesting but never got around to study or work around it.

It is true that philosophy has been kept for the few within universities and haven’t fulfilled its whole potential yet. Philosophy thrives among the people in everyday life. Let me explain the difference between academic philosophy and philosophy in everyday life.

Academic philosophy is responsible for examining and investigating the collective human knowledge and its limits. Whereareas philosophy in simple terms for me and you is about examining and investigating our belief system, values, emotional states, psychology, and behavior.

However, it’s true that all the problems that we face nowadays, philosophers have thought about them before and they have come up with answers. Therefore, it feels like we sit on gold and we haven’t figured a way yet to make use of it, it’s pretty sad if you ask me.

Personally, philosophy has been hugely valuable for me, it has been my anchor throughout my life. From my teenage years where I was learning about the science of achieving and winning as a beach volleyball player to later on in my life when I was looking for a purpose and a life to be proud for. Also, philosophy has been useful when I had questions like what is love, what does it mean and how does it come about?

I was reading Plato, about one of those evenings they had in Ancient Athens where they were discussing love, sex, and life. When Plato was asked what is love? He said ”Love is admiration” this quote resonated so well with me. It explained so much about why do I fall in love with certain individuals and what is their role in my life in general.

This was just an example of how philosophy has played a fundamental role in my life and has shaped my mindset, there are hundreds of other examples too.

Think about going to the gym and training the muscles of your body to cultivate a healthy body. We do philosophy in order to train the mind faculties and cultivate a healthy mind. By doing philosophy, therefore examining and investigating our own values, beliefs, behavior and emotional states we are much better equipped to design life on our own terms and live a life we are proud to live.

Among other philosophy helps us hugely develop self-awareness and self-compassion and critical thinking. Next time you face a challenge don’t try to superficially deal with the issue but dive deep into the depth of philosophical investigation within you and maybe study what philosophers have said about the problem you are going through.

Otherwise, get in touch with me and I will guide through to the other side of your true self.

Love you guys,


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