My thoughts on Greece 2017

A few people have requested for me to share my thoughts and views on Greece and the current situation. So there you have it.

I was born and raised in Greece in a small town called Volos, it’s part of the mainland four hours upwards from Athens. I lived there until the age of 19 and then moved abroad and have lived abroad ever since. Now both my parents are Greek and all my family still lives in Greece.

My Greek heritage is quite heavy and I’m really proud of it. We don’t often realize and there is not much credit given to what Ancient Greeks have contributed to the world. Starting from my field of expertise philosophy that they were the first to start asking philosophical questions about the universe. They were the first to differentiate religion from Logos which means reasoning. The list goes on with the invention of Democracy, Olympic Games, Drama and so much more.

Now the last years since 2008 have been very hard for all us without a doubt. The way I see it is that like each and every one of our lives we go through hardships, we learn, we take the lesson and we go back to live stronger than ever before. I think the same happens with countries and in this case Greece in going through hardships in order to change perspective, belief systems and ways of living. Of course, it is not an easy process to change perspectives and belief systems but that’s why we go through that long crisis. I’m confident that all this has made us stronger and better for the future that’s is certain.

We also need to take full responsibility for where we are in life, we need to take responsibility of our pocket and our business. We need to stop expecting things from people that have proven aren’t going to live up to the expectation – like the government for example. We need to let go of that expectation and take back control of our life.

A precondition for Greece to move forward is also trust. Trust has to be restored between the government and the public and until that is done, things aren’t going to move towards the right direction. There are 3 main false beliefs that need to be altered and I’ve written an article previously explaining those please click here to read the article.

However, in terms of the future of Greece, I do see an opportunity coming. As technology nowadays penetrates each and every business and each and every aspect of our life – everything becomes commoditized. That’s why the human element like emotional intelligence, critical thinking and everything that can’t be measured will be highly valuable and therefore where the game is going to be played. That’s where we’ve always been thriving and it’s a huge opportunity to take advantage of. Of course, that requires that we see the opportunity coming and also that we are prepared when arrives to take advantage of it. Greeks will be able to contribute hugely in that respect like they have always done.

Let me know your thoughts on Greece and whether you want me to talk more about Greece going forward and I’m happy to do it.

Lots of love,



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