My 1st self-love lesson

Self-love is a topic that I’m hugely passionate about. Self-love and self-respect are the beginning of everything we do. For everything that we want to achieve and accomplish if we feel that we are not good enough, or we don’t deserve it we will never be able to attain it. It’s very important therefore to take a couple of minutes and audit yourself in that respect. Think about how much you love yourself, how comfortable you feel in your own skin with your flaws and imperfections. Being comfortable in our own skin is the beginning of all achievement.

Now I want to share a story, which was my first self-love lesson that my mom taught me. I was about 13-14 years old when my mom found a lighter in my bag. She immediately assumed that I was smoking and therefore pulled me aside – she said – we need to talk! I knew that was not a good thing and I said ok what’s it all about?

Also to mention here that my mom smoked back then and she still does now just like her whole family. My dad on the other side never smoked and his family doesn’t smoke either – therefore it was 50/50 for me and my brother. So she pulled me aside and talked to me patiently about smoking and all the harmful stats around cigarettes. She said smoking has nothing good to offer, it is only harmful and she went ahead made a general point. She said that when we love someone we don’t harm them with smoking, bad food, or anything else. And we also don’t allow other people to harm us.

However, she said I don’t love myself as much as I should and that’s why I smoke every now and then, but because you love yourself – you’ll never smoke. That was such a vulnerable thing from her side to do – she was very real with me and she just wanted to protect me. It was the best thing ever because essentially she held me to a higher standard than herself. I definitely didn’t want to let her down and but also I knew I loved myself. Of course, she has been a great influence on me growing up and she taught me so much about self-love and self-respect. I thank her for embedded me with those principles from a very young age and she was so real and vulnerable with me.

As a result, I never smoked and my brother never smoked either, also bear in mind that I lived in the Netherlands for 6 years and that didn’t trigger me either.

Please take a minute to think now whether you have any habits that are harmful to yourself in order to audit them and see if there are better ways to approach them going forward.

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Hugs & kisses




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