On Forgiveness

Lately, I have seen a common thread among the people I coach and people that come up to me for advice in general. I see that people hold on to bad experiences and bad emotions from the past and that is because we don’t know how to let them go.

When people mistreating you or betray you or belittle you that tells more about them, than about you, so please don’t take it personally. Also, when I have this conversation with people they go on to explain that he or she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. My beloved, I want you to understand that you don’t forgive them for them – you forgive them for you.

Because here is what happens when you don’t. The negative emotions they grow and they bottle up in your body. As a result, you create the vibrational energy around your body that enables similar people and circumstances to emerge as a result of holding on to this bad emotion and bad energy. I really don’t want you to do that.

For the healing to take place, first of all, you have to talk it out. You can’t heal what you can’t speak about. Make sure you express your emotions and you state the facts – no matter how painful it is. Then the next step is to replace the bad emotion with a good one and recognize that this person acted out of hurt or out of ignorance.

And finally, you need to forgive them – not for them but for you. That doesn’t mean that you allow the bad behavior to happen again. Forgiving doesn’t mean to allow this person that mistreated you back in your life. Forgiving means that you recognize what happened and first of all forgive yourself for allowing to mistreat you but also understand that some people even though you hope and pray that they’ll have love and appreciation, however, they may carry baggage with them or they just might not have the capacity to give more.

Recognizing this will set you free and will make you wiser as a result. Some people think that by holding on to anger and resentment they hurt the bad person- truth be told – we hurt ourselves more than we hurt anybody else. Those negative emotions, in the long run, will grow and can show up as a disease. We have scientific¬†research nowadays showing exactly that cancer it’s nothing more than bad emotions bottled up in the body and never dealt with.

Make yourself a favor and forgive, it’s a gift to yourself. Forgiveness is the highest form of love and life will never be the same again as you forgive – yourself and others.

Lots of love,




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