Feminism & Chivalry aren’t mutually exclusive

As you’ve seen so far, I talk about a variety of topics as I’m interested in different ones. However, they all have a common denominator and that is to improve the quality of our lives and live a more fulfilling life.

Nowadays I very often see that men and women are equally confused about their roles, especially when it comes to dating. My philosophy on this is that we need both feminism and chivalry for a healthy and balanced society because after all they are not mutually exclusive. Let me explain.

In all aspects of society, as employees, citizens, community members, business owners etc we should look people from a gender neutral point of view. Because when you have the skills, qualifications and a clear vision you should be able to do anything you want. That’s why we need feminism in order for men and women to have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal pay for the same type of job. Also on boards and parliaments, women that have the skills, qualifications, and vision should have a seat at the table. Therefore I believe we should all be feminists.

Now when it comes to a relationship dynamic between a woman and a man we are 100% equal, however, we are not the same. We are biologically wired differently, we have different needs and different desires. Men express their love for their chosen woman in a very different way than women do. According to the book –Think like a man, act like a lady by Steve Harvey- men express their love in three ways and those are called the three P’s in the book. Those are Profess, Provide, Protect.

The latter two are quite self-explanatory. Profess is the fact that when a man has chosen a woman he will put a title to her. When he introduces her to his friends he won’t introduce her by her name, but he will use a title like ‘my girlfriend’, ‘my wife’, ‘my lady’ whatever that might be.. See, women don’t do that, only men do!

A man will keep a woman in his life that makes him feel more of who he is – a man. Equally, a woman will keep a man around that he makes her feel more of who she is – a woman. Pretty basic huh?

Now an independent woman is one that knows her worth, she has desires and ambitions that she is working towards. An independent woman doesn’t need permission to go for her dreams and she is not influenced by other people’s opinions. An independent woman can do everything on her own, however, she knows that to let a man take care of her is a lot more fun.

Because when a man is acting in chivalrous ways he expresses his love and affection to me. And there is something super hot when he opens the door for me or when he holds my coat. When he brings me home, or when he pulls the chair at the dinner table for me. Those are little things that show that he cares for me and that’s how a man takes care of a woman. Women take care of a man in different ways, by acting in chivalrous is how men do it.

Overall I think chivalry is very important in a relationship but also for all the special women that men have in their life – like their mother, sister, and daughter. Chivalry is how men take care of the special women in their lives and I think it’s important for women to let men take on that role because ultimately chivalry makes men feel more of who they are – men!

Here is one of my first videos – Gender equality – where I talk about gender parity specifically. Please let me know your thoughts on the topic, like, share this content so more people will be inspired.

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