Here is what to do when you don’t enjoy your job

There is a common theme that I see more and more – people aren’t enjoying their current job and therefore feel tired and drained all day with no particular interest to do anything else other than drinking and partying in their free time.

I believe it’s all down to self-esteem and how meaningful your day is. When you feel that your contribution is valuable then, of course, your self-esteem grows and you feel that your life has a meaning.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to set the tone even if you don’t enjoy your job right now:

  1. First of all, make sure you are thankful you have a job because there the worse case scenario would have been that you don’t have a job. Be thankful for have you have and where you are in your life – really set a positive tone. Also, make sure you do something you are passionate about every single day before and after your working hours. Whether that is going to the gym, yoga class, gardening, painting or writing music make sure you indulge in your passion every single day for at least 40 days. That would introduce a new energy in your life full of meaning and passion that will make you feel amazing.
  2. For life to promote you into the new job or the kind or role you would really enjoy you need to make sure that you are adding more value than it is expected from you and more value than you are getting paid for. You don’t do it only for you employer but because this is the way to prove that you can handle very well what you’ve been given and you are ready to take on more. Therefore, potentially your manager will recognize your efforts and give you the right opportunity or someone else will and when the right opportunity arises you’ll be ready because you’ll know that you deserve it. Go grab it from the ears!
  3. Finally, it’s important that you invest in yourself on a consistent basis again. I recommend you use at least 10% of your salary for your own development. Wheather that is books, classes, seminars, coach or whatever you want to do please prioritize that you take action. It doesn’t matter how high or low your salary is 10% of your salary is an amount that shows your commitment for your self-development and your future. Remember if you don’t do it, no one else will.

Those are the most important steps you can take immediately to create a better energy in your life, to bring about joy and happiness. Of course, in the long run, you can always find another job or you can create your own. Whatever it is you are seeking, know that it will come when you are ready and you’ve proven that you can handle very well what’s already given to you. That’s how life works!

Please implement those 3 tips for at least 2 months and I bet you’ll feel so much better about yourself, you’ll increase your self-esteem and self-respect – isn’t that half job done?!

Let me know your thoughts on this

Love yourself


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