Christmas left me feeling like..

Merry Christmas to all of you loving souls and your families. Hope this holiday season your hearts are overflowing with love, peace, and joy!

Christmas holidays is the best time for me to be myself and do what I love doing- reflecting on the year and learn from both my successes and my failures.

2017 has been a great year for me as I had the opportunity to share with you all my thoughts and feelings and hopefully challenge your beliefs to improve your quality of life. Going forward, however,r I’d like to share more of myself and my perspective. I know that university professors are usually presenting philosophy as rather a dry subject, but I have a very different point of view and I think that philosophy can be so much fun and help us all increase the quality of our life tremendously. So stay with me this year and we’ll ride this together.

On this video is me enjoying myself a little too much while I’m getting ready. It’s the reason why sometime I’m late and I feel guilty about it but I really enjoy dancing. Be it on my own, with friends, in the club.. it doesn’t matter literally everywhere I can dance. While drinking or while drinking pure water makes no difference to me I really enjoy expressing myself and my feelings through dancing!

I’d like this year to let you in my life and show you more of what it’s like to be me, you know already my Philosophical side and you are about to find out about the other sides of me like my dancing side for example..!

What’s your guilty pleasure that makes you being late in meetings?

Can’t wait to hear your stories,

Lots of love



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