How to develop my self-esteem/self-love?

The first element towards self-love is self-awareness. Check out my videos on self – awareness: Video 1 & Video 2. You can’t love something you don’t understand or you don’t know. Spending time with yourself and observing yourself to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Accept and embrace your shortcomings and your dark side because we all have it as humans.

Now when developing self-love there are three determining factors that I’ve seen playing out throughout everyone’s life. Here is how we like ourselves more:

  1. By doing the right thing
  2. By raising our standards and follow through on our commitments
  3. By who we decide we are at our worse, most challenging times in our lifetime.

By consistently doing the right thing you like and admire yourself more. When you try to deceive, mislead or take revenge on other people -you hurt yourself more. That decreases your self-love.

Raising standards and follow through on your commitments is the sexier thing anyone can do. Whether that is committed to going to the gym three times per week for the next six months and actually do it. Or when you commit to saving 15% of your income every month in order to have an x amount by the end of the year. It really helps you think of yourself in high regard.

Finally, if any of you have reached rock bottom in your life or life has really tested you with challenges and difficulties you know what I mean. The person you decide you are at your worst will determine who you become.

Hope this helps you put a plan together and keep yourself accountable to see solid results in your career and life going forward. If you have a specific question on how to love yourself and not be taken advantage by other people get in touch by a message on my website here.

Love you all,


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