How to stop caring about what people think?

‘How to stop caring about what people think’.

Its a big theme for lots of people as we have been conditioned to care labour other peoples opinions more than we value our own. That’s why lots of us feel like we are in prison. Not being able to express ourselves fully.

Think about it, you are the only person that you know yourself better than anyone else. You know your strengths, weaknesses, superpowers. You know what brings you joy, what suffocates your soul and what makes you laugh. Make you decisions from an authentic place and stop valuing other peoples opinions that don’t understand even a bit of who you are and what you have inside you.

Even if those are well meaning people like your parents, they have their own paths and your path maybe completely different from theirs.. Value your thoughts and feelings, honour them by taking action when something feels good to you. The freedom you’ll feel will be unfathomable! 🙌

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