How to ask for what you want at work? | The Self-help Channel

Through my coaching sessions with women, it is evident that there are certain patterns that come up again and again. One of those patterns is that women are not always asking for what they want at work. They stay on the sidelines rather than stepping up and asking for what they really want. Whether that is a new project, promotion, suggesting a new software solution, suggesting a way to improve processes, it doesn’t matter as long as we are raising the bar. Yes in some cases depending on where you are in your career you might be comfortable asking but you are afraid of the response.

However, there is never a downsize when it comes to stepping up and asking for what you want, never. It’s a great opportunity to find out whether the people you work with are supportive and believe in you and whether they are open to giving you opportunities to grow. If that’s not the case then you know for sure that your current working place isn’t a healthy one and you better remove yourself from it sooner rather than later. You always win by stepping up and asking what you want, you never lose.

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