3 false beliefs of Greek culture today

There is nothing surprising about Greek culture and the fact that it is failing us every single day for the last 70 years now. Our philosophy has leaded us to the results that we experience today. Of course it is easy to blame the government for everything that we experience and if you like to stay there andContinue reading “3 false beliefs of Greek culture today”

Valentine’s Day ❤️

Let me be straight with you here I’m not so interested in the whole Valentines commerce thing like dinners, flowers and chocolate cakes if the feelings are not true. For me what ultimately matters is a loving lasting true relationship based on trust and authenticity. The pure kind of love that comes from within effortlessly,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day ❤️”

Leadership redefined

Based on the title you probably guessed I will be talking about Donald Trump, the new president elect of the United States.. Just kidding! I feel compelled to talk about leadership and redefine its meaning purely because of the wide range of leadership styles we witness everywhere in life, such as politics, business, universities, localContinue reading “Leadership redefined”

My 1st encounter with philosophy

I remember very clearly during my secondary school year in Volos, Greece where I was born and grew up, the first class we did about philosophy, we got introduced to some of the greatest philosophers that have ever lived. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle started becoming my heroes at the age of 14. It was aContinue reading “My 1st encounter with philosophy”