How to recover from failure? | The Self-help Channel

Failure is such a misunderstood concept. The most successful people on this planet have failed tremendously multiple times, they just don’t focus too long on that. Gary Vee encourages young people to fuck up on purpose as he says so people have no high expectations from you anymore and there the only way is up from there. Failure is just a stepping stone towards success, it is a lesson. However, we need to be able to see it from that perspective rather than feeling ashamed of the event and continue to beat the drum of what had happened and how terrible that was. Who cares after all? Nobody cares! Having compassion for ourselves and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes is a form of self-love.

Why do I always feel exhausted? I have no energy | The Self-help Channel

We feel exhausted when we have done so little through the day that nourishes our soul. When we are working on projects or things that we are not passionate about, we feel exhausted. Our soul is shrinking because our soul yearns to live authentically and do what makes her happy. If you are to follow your heart and do what makes you happy even for only an hour a day you’ll feel so much better. Following our heart is always the path of least resistance and it is the path that makes us happy. We are energy and energy is life, therefore when we feel we don’t have any energy – we don’t have a life because we are just surviving!

How to ask for what you want at work? | The Self-help Channel

Through my coaching sessions with women, it is evident that there are certain patterns that come up again and again. One of those patterns is that women are not always asking for what they want at work. They stay on the sidelines rather than stepping up and asking for what they really want. Whether that is a new project, promotion, suggesting a new software solution, suggesting a way to improve processes, it doesn’t matter as long as we are raising the bar. Yes in some cases depending on where you are in your career you might be comfortable asking but you are afraid of the response.

However, there is never a downsize when it comes to stepping up and asking for what you want, never. It’s a great opportunity to find out whether the people you work with are supportive and believe in you and whether they are open to giving you opportunities to grow. If that’s not the case then you know for sure that your current working place isn’t a healthy one and you better remove yourself from it sooner rather than later. You always win by stepping up and asking what you want, you never lose.

Why many women have low self-esteem? | The Self-help Channel

Why many women have low self-esteem? Low self-esteem is like a disease these days, it’s everywhere. From the way women talk and say 10 times ‘sorry’ in one sentence to being overworked and underpaid. It’s evident in the way we treat ourselves and the way we teach others on how to treat us. Imagine a world where every woman would value herself and would act accordingly. This would be a completely different world, full of stability, harmony and joy. My intention for creating this video is to shine a light on this issue. We need a radical acceptance of what is, in order to heal it and shift it. Most women I know are still denying that they have traumas and wounds that need healing and the longer they stay there, the less likely to heal. Accepting that we need help is the only way to get it and there are so many ways we can heal these days as I did and so many women I know and work with. There is always hope where there are honesty and acceptance. If you need to talk to me about this topic please get in touch.

How to stop caring about what people think?

‘How to stop caring about what people think’.

Its a big theme for lots of people as we have been conditioned to care labour other peoples opinions more than we value our own. That’s why lots of us feel like we are in prison. Not being able to express ourselves fully.

Think about it, you are the only person that you know yourself better than anyone else. You know your strengths, weaknesses, superpowers. You know what brings you joy, what suffocates your soul and what makes you laugh. Make you decisions from an authentic place and stop valuing other peoples opinions that don’t understand even a bit of who you are and what you have inside you.

Even if those are well meaning people like your parents, they have their own paths and your path maybe completely different from theirs.. Value your thoughts and feelings, honour them by taking action when something feels good to you. The freedom you’ll feel will be unfathomable! 🙌

Drop a ❤ in the comments below if you’ll start honouring your thoughts and feelings more.

Why some women will never have him

The First Self-Love Mastermind in London, 16th Dec, 1pm at the W London Hotel, Leicester Square. Limited tickets, book yours now:

My mission is to help professional women between 25-35 years old to embrace their inner goddess and live a fulfilling life personally and professionally. We don’t always need to have a traumatic event in our lives to have traumas in our bodies. Like we inherit features like blue eyes and blond hair from our parents and ancestors, the same way we inherit belief systems like poverty or lack of self-love because those are the traumas our parents suffered as well.

If there is drama in your life or there is a part of your life that you are not happy about it is because of those limiting beliefs, traumas, wounds that haven’t been healed yet. For example, if you are in a relationship that you are not treated right is because you don’t treat yourself right and you allow other people to mistreat you because you can’t set healthy boundaries. In your career, if you are not paid as much as you deserve or not happy with the environment you work in – it is because you don’t believe that you are worth more because if you were, you would have left by now. People stay in underpaid jobs because they think they can’t get better ones!

It all boils down to what you believe about yourself, I have struggled with believing in myself for many years but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. Join my Self-love Mastermind on the 16th Dec, where we’ll go through the self-love anatomy and learn how to embrace your inner goddess that we all have. Under all of those limiting beliefs and conditioning from our childhood and culture, there is wisdom and we’ll show you how to access that so you never doubt yourself ever again. ❤

Limited places left, book your ticket here:

The First Self-love Mastermind in London

Launching the First Self-love Mastermind in London. I’m super excited to share with you guys what I’ve been working on for sometime now. This is a Self-love Mastermind for women between 25-35 years old.

How to embrace your inner goddess in 21 days even if you currently feel unappreciated or taken for granted.

16th December, 1-5pm at the W London, Leicester Square, London. There are only a few tickets for this mastermind, book your ticket now by clicking on this link:

It is my mission to pass on my knowledge and wisdom that I’ve acquired the last 15 years of struggling with self-esteem issues and believing in myself. I want to live in a world where women feel loved, cherished and appreciated now because of external validation but because they are full of love, kindness and appreciation for themselves.

Why HR directors should play more beach volleyball?

DisruptHR is such an amazing community for HR professionals, I got to join them this year by sharing a little about my story as a teenager and how rewarding has been for me investing in my mindset from a very young age and as a beach volleyball athlete in Greece between the ages of 14-19 years. Even though we know that elite athletes are investing not only to develop their bodies but also their minds why don’t we do that for companies too? There is a huge opportunity for the HR function to progress and start helping employees finding meaning in their roles, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

Have you been investing in your mindset and has it been rewarding? Let me know if you work in HR too!

How to attract your soulmate?

How to attract your soulmate?

Love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies. In order to bring love to our life we need to be a vibrational match to this energy. Can you relate? Please join me on my Instagram for an instagram live where we can unpack this a little further and answer any questions on the topic.

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