Mind Faculties Series: 1. How to develop willpower?

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The six mental faculties are the following:
1. Willpower
2. Imagination
3. Memory
4. Reasoning
5. Intuition
6. Perception

This is the first video covering how to develop our willpower and be more disciplined. A video will follow for each one of the mental faculties. This covers why it’s important to develop them and how can we use them to achieve anything we want in life.

Plato, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins have all talked about the mind faculties and why we should develop them. Napoleon Hill on his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ he says:
”An educated man, is not one that has general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one that has developed his mind faculties so much, that he can acquire anything he wants or its equivalent – without violating the rights of others.”

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How your environment shapes who you are

The books we read, the movies we watch and the people we spend time the most with are really influencing and shaping who we will become five, ten or even twenty years ago.

Today take the time to pause and audit your environment and see if it really serves you. Examine if your environment helps you and supports you become the best version of yourself.

Angela Ahrents VP of Retail for Apple has an iconic Ted talk where she talked about the power of human energy and how effective can be for leaders to master it – watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiq4qWz8-2s&t=378s

Let me know your thoughts on this topic and happy to continue the conversation by email eferenike@gmail.com.

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Coaching & Philosophy are different sides of the same coin


Thank you for your questions, feedback, and engagement with my channel and all social media activities. It means a lot to me and I invite your feedback as well as topics for future video content that you’d like me to talk about. All welcome!

Last week I received a few questions about my coaching style and where does philosophy fit in. That is why I decided to create this video and give a coherent answer to all of the people following me across all platforms Youtube, LinkenIn, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress which is my website.

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Mentoring program – Town Hall – Ascential events


End of last year we launched a mentoring program within Ascential events. We’ve received very positive feedback so far and we are looking into launching this program across the rest of the Acential Group too.

If you are looking to implement a similar program within your business, please get in touch and we are happy to share any advice and materials on how to implement mentoring in your own business. Email me eferenike@gmail.com

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Good Managers manage, great managers coach

Through my experience with managers but also my experience with managing others I have identified that great managers coach. What do I mean by that is that the employee has a goal and ownership of what needs to be done and the manager is there to give guidance, support, challenge their thinking and encourage.

Here are 4 key things that great managers do differently:

  1. They are not telling, they are asking
  2. The match talent with challenges
  3. They are keeping people accountable and trust them to do their best
  4. They have total control of their emotions

Please let me know your thoughts and if you’d add anything else to this list. Also, share experiences that you have had with managers or by managing others.

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How to develop my self-esteem/self-love?

The first element towards self-love is self-awareness. Check out my videos on self – awareness: Video 1 & Video 2. You can’t love something you don’t understand or you don’t know. Spending time with yourself and observing yourself to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Accept and embrace your shortcomings and your dark side because we all have it as humans.

Now when developing self-love there are three determining factors that I’ve seen playing out throughout everyone’s life. Here is how we like ourselves more:

  1. By doing the right thing
  2. By raising our standards and follow through on our commitments
  3. By who we decide we are at our worse, most challenging times in our lifetime.

By consistently doing the right thing you like and admire yourself more. When you try to deceive, mislead or take revenge on other people -you hurt yourself more. That decreases your self-love.

Raising standards and follow through on your commitments is the sexier thing anyone can do. Whether that is committed to going to the gym three times per week for the next six months and actually do it. Or when you commit to saving 15% of your income every month in order to have an x amount by the end of the year. It really helps you think of yourself in high regard.

Finally, if any of you have reached rock bottom in your life or life has really tested you with challenges and difficulties you know what I mean. The person you decide you are at your worst will determine who you become.

Hope this helps you put a plan together and keep yourself accountable to see solid results in your career and life going forward. If you have a specific question on how to love yourself and not be taken advantage by other people get in touch by a message on my website here.

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What does David Gandy & Gary Vaynerchuck have in common?

They don’t actually have much in common, other than the fact that I met them both last week on Thursday! On Wednesday and Thursday, I was at Retail Week Live which is an event organized by Ascential Group, the company I work for. David Gandy was interviewed as a Brand Ambassador for Wellman vitamins together with the CEO of the brand.

Following the end of the Retail Week Live I went to another event which was hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk the famous American/Belarusian hustler that is making some waves in the digital space and entrepreneurship. It was a pop-up shop nearby Spitalfields where he was selling his merchandise and books. Currently, I’m reading his latest book which is called Crushing it. Click here to order it online, if you have an online business its kinda of essential.

Also, what really made an impression on me is that he made sure that every single one that came to see him, had a meet & greet with him together with a selfie of course! See mine below!

That’s why I feel so lucky and blessed to be living in London because I get to experience things that I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance.. together with a few other examples that I didn’t talk about on this video.

Let me know if you like that type of content, I’m here to listen and create more of what you want.

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Your biggest struggle can lead you to your passion

It’s not easy for me to share my personal story, as it is safer to talk about topics that I’ve researched and know a few things. However, I want to get to know you guys and there is no other way to get to know you by sharing pieces of myself to you get to understand my story and my background.

Let me know if that video was inspiring or helpful for you and if you have some other personal questions for me happy to answer them at my next video, comment below.

The purpose of this interaction and community is for all of us to grow and change perspectives and think outside the box and laugh at our mistakes and manifest our dreams as a result.

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The 5 love languages

The 5 love languages are:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

We all speak all the love languages of course but in different priorities. If you or your partner feels unloved sometimes it might be because you have different priorities when it comes to giving and receiving love.

Find out your love language by clicking here

To buy the book by Gary Chapman please click here

Share the test with your loved ones and ask them to take the test too so you can find out how to love each other more effectively.

My top two love languages are -> Physical touch and Quality time.

Please comment below what’s your primary love language and will love you just like that.

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