Why do I always feel exhausted? I have no energy | The Self-help Channel

We feel exhausted when we have done so little through the day that nourishes our soul. When we are working on projects or things that we are not passionate about, we feel exhausted. Our soul is shrinking because our soul yearns to live authentically and do what makes her happy. If you are to followContinue reading “Why do I always feel exhausted? I have no energy | The Self-help Channel”

How to ask for what you want at work? | The Self-help Channel

Through my coaching sessions with women, it is evident that there are certain patterns that come up again and again. One of those patterns is that women are not always asking for what they want at work. They stay on the sidelines rather than stepping up and asking for what they really want. Whether thatContinue reading “How to ask for what you want at work? | The Self-help Channel”

Why some women will never have him

The First Self-Love Mastermind in London, 16th Dec, 1pm at the W London Hotel, Leicester Square. Limited tickets, book yours now: https://ferenike.com/ My mission is to help professional women between 25-35 years old to embrace their inner goddess and live a fulfilling life personally and professionally. We don’t always need to have a traumatic eventContinue reading “Why some women will never have him”

The First Self-love Mastermind in London

Launching the First Self-love Mastermind in London. I’m super excited to share with you guys what I’ve been working on for sometime now. This is a Self-love Mastermind for women between 25-35 years old. How to embrace your inner goddess in 21 days even if you currently feel unappreciated or taken for granted. 16th December,Continue reading “The First Self-love Mastermind in London”

3 Ways to be confident in pursuing your career

Welcome to my self-help channel and I’m grateful you are joining me on this self-help journey to heal, understand and love ourselves. 3 Ways to be confident in pursuing your career – Identify your skillset & what gets your heart on fire Honor your emotions & thoughts Dedicate 100% of yourself serving others Please joinContinue reading “3 Ways to be confident in pursuing your career”