Why some women will never have him

The First Self-Love Mastermind in London, 16th Dec, 1pm at the W London Hotel, Leicester Square. Limited tickets, book yours now: https://ferenike.com/ My mission is to help professional women between 25-35 years old to embrace their inner goddess and live a fulfilling life personally and professionally. We don’t always need to have a traumatic eventContinue reading “Why some women will never have him”

Self-belief lesson by Eleni Foureira, Cyprus | Eurovision 2018

  This is the story behind the 2nd place at the Grand Final in Eurovision 2018 with regards to the Cypriot song Fuego, presented by Eleni Foureira. She is a big inspiration and the epitome of self-belief. Did you like her performance? For any further questions or coaching inquiries please get in touch by emailContinue reading “Self-belief lesson by Eleni Foureira, Cyprus | Eurovision 2018”

Feminism & Chivalry aren’t mutually exclusive

As you’ve seen so far, I talk about a variety of topics as I’m interested in different ones. However, they all have a common denominator and that is to improve the quality of our lives and live a more fulfilling life. Nowadays I very often see that men and women are equally confused about theirContinue reading “Feminism & Chivalry aren’t mutually exclusive”