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Have you ever felt unappreciated in your relationship? Have you ever felt taken for granted by the people you love the most? Have you ever felt devalued by your boss or co-workers? Have you felt like there is so much more within you that you long to show to the world but you keep on being stuck in a job that you are not fulfilled? Are you keep on attracting unfulfilling relationships even though there is so much fire in your heart?

If you answered yes to some of those questions or all of them, then you are at the right place and I know exactly how that feels because I was in unfulfilling jobs and unfulfilling relationships for 15 years. I wanted to feel loved, cherished, chosen and admired but that wasn’t my experience at all. Until one day I discovered the truth of who I really am and everything I was looking for was inside me. I will help you and guide you into valuing yourself and loveing yourself so you can create anything you want and live on your own terms! Click below to learn more

Women inPower London Chapter

Women inPower is a fellowship program offered by 92nd Street Y at no cost to participants. It provides ambitious women across all professional sectors the peer support, mentorship, training and coaching needed to advance them to the highest levels of leadership. The London Chapter is primarily focused on helping women who are standing up for diversity and inclusion, we are supporting them for equal pay and equal opportunities in boardrooms across all sectors or cultures. There will be 4-5 events in 2020 that you can join to have those honest conversations we really need to in 2020. Book your free ticket on the link above.

The London Inner Goddess Mastermind

The Inner Goddess Mastermind in London, is an exclusive paid for group of women between 25-45 years old who are meeting in person and have ongoing online support with the purpose of embracing their Inner Goddess. Inner Goddess is our higher self which is always loving, always supporting and always there for us. On this Mastermind you’ll learn how to ask for what you want, to honour and value yourself and to be authentic to your purpose in life. You’ll learn how to love yourself with tools and practices. You’ll learn about feminine and masculine energy and how the harmony of them brings harmony in your relationships.

Embrace your Inner Goddess Call

This is a 30min call with me. If you want to create fulfilling relationships and a fulfilling career that are authentic to who you are and live life on your terms this is for you. We will examine the areas in your life that need improvement and we will work together to your optimum goal. Everything we experience is a reflection of what is happening within us and since I’ve been able to transform myself during the last 15 years – I know how to help you transform your life too. The relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation of all other relationships. If you never feel appreciated in your marriage that is because you don’t appreciate yourself. Looking forward to connecting with you and propel you forward to your dream life.

Searching for love, happiness and validation externally is always a struggle, only when love is found internally is lasting and sweet.

Ferenike Kantartzi

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Ferenike is a knowledge broker, digital creator and speaker. She is fascinated by discovering new pieces of wisdom on human nature, psychology and universal laws..

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