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Have you ever felt unappreciated in your relationship? Have you ever felt taken for granted by the people you love the most? Have you ever felt devalued by your boss or co-workers? Have you felt like there is so much more within you that you long to show to the world but you keep on being stuck in a job that you are not fulfilled? Have you keep on attracting relationships that aren’t fulfilling even though there is so much fire in your heart?

If you answered to some of those questions or all of them yes, then you are at the right place and I know exactly how that feels because I was in unfulfilling jobs and unfulfilling relationships for 15 years. I wanted to feel loved, cherished, chosen and admired but that wasn’t my experience at all. Until one day I discovered.. Click below to learn more

The Self-Love Mastermind FB Group

It’s a FB community of women who are supporting and encouraging each other to embrace their inner goddess. Join this private group if you want to practice Ferenike’s self-love method that will eliminate your self-doubt and will propel you forward to create your desired committed relationship and thriving career.

The First Self-Love Mastermind in London

It’s the first Self-love Mastermind in London. It’s an elite group of women between 25-35 years old who are meeting and practicing how to embrace their inner goddess based on Ferenike’s self-love method and eliminate their insecurities to never feel unappreciated or taken for granted whether that’s in their career or personal relationship.

Public Speaking Opportunities

Ferenike has been practicing public speaking for the last 7 years at the LBS Toastmasters club amongst some of the top speakers in London. She spoke at the World Philosophy Congress in 2016 and various other occasions. Check out her Youtube channel where she uploads weekly, helping and encouraging women to embrace their inner goddess and bet on themselves.

Searching for love, happiness and validation externally is always a struggle, only when love is found internally is lasting and sweet.

Ferenike Kantartzi

About Ferenike

Ferenike is a knowledge broker, digital creator and speaker. She is fascinated by discovering new pieces of wisdom on human nature, psychology and universal laws..

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