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My name is Ferenike Kantartzi, I’m a knowledge broker, digital creator and speaker.  

Born in Volos, Greece 11, May 1988. Fun fact – I got my name from my grandmother, who was born in Greece in 1912. The name stands for ‘Fere’ which means <to bring> and ‘Nike’ that means <victory>. My grandmother got that name due to her coming into the world when the war has just ended successfully for the Greeks and therefore, she brought the victory. Then traditionally, the name was given to me!

My development journey started at the age of 14 years old when I was chosen by a head coach to play beach volleyball on national and international championships. I committed myself for the following 6 years of my life into playing beach volleyball competitively. To find out what happened during those 6 years watch the speech I gave at DisruptHR in Sept. 2019.

Fast forward 15 years and I have been obsessed with discovering new pieces of understanding about my self and human nature. I’m fascinated by the thrill of discovering how humans operate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Also, fascinated by how the universe works and how we are all interconnected. I never stopped reading philosophical texts, new age material, and psychology.

My point of view is quite holistic I have been hugely influenced by the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato. But equally, I have been reading Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Napoleon Hill. Of course, I’ve been using Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s materials and methods throughout. Needless to say, I have been inspired by Oprah Winfrey, Gary Zukav and Eckhart Tolle just to name a few.

Of course, for me to pursue my passion for discovery and my insatiable hunger to learn I have given up watching TV, movies, and series on Netflix completely the last 15 years so I’m clueless on that front. You know you are meant to be doing something when you don’t get paid to do it for 15 years and yet you can’t imagine your life without that part of you. Writing this feels like coming out, no joke! This has been the hidden side of me that no one understands or that’s how I feel anyway.

On the same note, during my childhood years, I was codependent emotionally with my dad and also witnessed my mum feeling insecure, unappreciated and taken for granted. Those family dynamics, of course, played out in my adult years with a narcissist as a partner. I had to do lots of healing and taught myself how to love all parts of me, not only the beautiful parts that are easy to love but also the ugly parts of me that needed love the most. Only when I completely healed myself and loved myself fully I was able to form a healthy relationship. Love always comes from the inside out not the other way around, otherwise, it’s called trauma bond. Which of course isn’t love.

For the last 7 years living in London and developing my career here, I have worked for 7 different companies. Some incredible companies too like Econsultancy, Ascential Events, WGSN and more recently at Freeformers. Even though I’ve met some very intelligent people along the way and I added incredible value to their businesses – I never felt like I fit in and I never really felt fulfilled professionally. There was that feeling in my heart that my capabilities are so much greater but didn’t know what to do for the longest time. I experimented by starting my venture in 2016 – a digital platform for personal development but didn’t last long either.

Honestly, I’m not writing all that to say poor me. Not at all, I have been blessed in my life in so many ways but my life path and all the challenges I’ve experienced had the same pattern for the longest time – feeling less than, feeling insecure, feeling not good enough, feeling unappreciated, feeling walked all over. The good thing about this life path that maybe I choose or maybe it choose me is that I have spent hours and hours with the same problems and I have discovered solutions. That’s how the self-love method was born!

Now that my cup is full, I have healed and I’m feeling more solid and loving with myself than ever before I want to help other women that go through the same narrative. I envision a world where women feel loved, cherished and appreciated not by other people, by themselves. I found the inner goddess within me and I know there is a goddess in you and every woman and I want to shine a light on her so you can see her too. What if we can create the next generation of women who are grounded and graceful goddesses?

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